Other David Harp Projects and Websites

Most of my academic education is in the field of cognitive psychology (the study of the brain, for the purpose of understanding — and improving — human behavior). That's why I write books like "The Three Minute Meditator" or "Neural Path Therapy" or "MetaPhysical Fitness." But my passion since college has been playing the blues harmonica. I've written a dozen or so books on harmonica and other musical subjects, too. If you're interested in this aspect of what I do, please visit www.bluesharp.com.

I combine my interest and my passion, and as a corporate speaker teach groups ranging (as one of my agents likes to say) from Ben & Jerry's to the FBI to work together with greater cooperation, communication, mindfulness, and less stress. I also teach at institutions whose purpose is to enhance spirituality and religious connection, such at the Kripalu Institute and the New York Open Center. If this aspect of my work should interest you, please visit www.davidharp.com.


So I earn my daily bread from doing speaking engagements and trainings (mostly in the US, sometimes in Europe or other places) and selling my books. But my "pro bono" or charitable endeavors are just as important to me. In addition to this Red, White, and the Blues Harmonica Project, I have a number of other areas of interest, which include:

Using harmonicas and psychology to help those in rehabs and nursing homes.

Setting up harmonica/mindfulness projects in hospices (as a grad student, I was quite active in hospice work, and still try to do trainings each year for Vermont hospices...

Working with at-risk children and teens, training them in the African-American tradition of using blues music to deal more skillfully with anger, fear, and desire. I also love working with children of any age, at risk or not, and often do school trainings (for both kids and teachers and communities) when I have the time...

Working with children and adults who are developmentally disabled.

Working with people who have chronic diseases including:

MS COPD Parkinson's Disease Alzheimer's Disease Mild Depression NVLD/Asperger's

If this aspect of my work interests you, please visit www.davidharp.com and click on the "Special Projects" button. Or this link should get you there...