About the RWB Harmonica

It's a good-quality instrument* with excellent quality control.

Each RWB harmonica or "harp" has ten holes, with twenty "reeds" (the little metal pieces that vibrate and produce the notes).

It's what is known as "standard tuned," or "diatonic tuned." This means that it's good for playing blues, rock, folk, or country music.

Each harmonica will produce 20 notes without the advanced blues/rock effect known as "bending notes," and up to 36 notes with "bends."

Most of the world's low and middle-priced harmonicas are made in China, and the RWB is no exception. I wish that there was a U.S. company that made a good, low cost, harmonica, but the last one closed down in the mid-1950's. There's just too much individual handwork, as each reed in each harmonica has to be individually tuned by a human being...