How to Get

Red, White, and the Blues Harmonica Packages

As of now (Fall of 2005), this book/CD/harmonica product is brand new.

I have scheduled meetings in the next month or so with people who are involved with various groups that are sending packages to our men and women serving overseas, such as the VFW. I also hope to begin working with Vermont's Norwich University (the nation's oldest private military college) on this.

I also need YOUR input.

Here is the basic problem.

The suggested retail price of the book/CD/harmonica package is $17.95 in a plastic clamshell package. These should be available in a variety of retail outlets and music stores. But I don't want to plug these retail items here.

As I've said in other places on this site, I am willing to make some RWB packages available for free (mostly to Vermonters who are serving), and some at low cost for bulk orders (25 and up), plus shipping).

What I CANNOT afford to do is to ship single copies to individuals. The shipping and handling costs would be prohibitive. So far, almost all of the cost of this entire project has come out of my own pocket. If we include harmonicas and instructional items given to children who lost parents in the 9/11 disaster, we are talking about close to 1500 units (update -- now in the 3000 range as of 2008) already. I'm not complaining, just explaining why I cannot be as generous as I'd like to be.

But if I can find groups or organizations who will buy RWB packages -- at low cost -- in bulk and then include them in care packages, this would seem to be an ideal solution.

If you know any such groups -- or want to form one -- please contact me. Or if you have any creative but practical ideas on this.

Update early 2008: Sadly, there is still a need for this project. We've had a number of groups buy (at very low cost, as I mentioned above) and ship 50 or 100 copies at a time, and I continue to distribute RWB packages free here in Vermont.

For a printable "flyer" in pdf form that you can download then use to raise interest in this project, please click here. (The flyer includes a picture that I find hilarious: one of my "students" — who had been playing harmonica for all of a few months — jamming with rock and country legends Ted Nugent and Toby Keith at a USO show. It's beautiful!)

NOTE: I am also very interested in getting my methods into VA hospitals for use with disabled vets, if you are reading this and have any contacts in this area.